Population Health

In nearly every country, health is a national priority. We work closely alongside government organisations, health ministries, and public health agencies to support their national healthcare strategies.

Our platform combines education, prevention, and targeted clinical monitoring, to address the most pressing healthcare issues including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Through Medopad, governments are engaging their population around health and wellbeing. With population level data insights, national agencies can refine programs to better serve their people.

Case Study: Diabetes in Singapore

Medopad won the Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s QuickFire Challenge on metabolic disease in Singapore in 2017. Supported by SMART Innovation Centre and A*STAR's ETPL, Medopad will implement its chronic disease solution to provide diabetologists with greater visibility on patients’ conditions in an out-patient setting, with the ultimate goal to roll this initiative out nation-wide and help the government improve chronic disease care delivery.

Over 400,000 Singapore residents are estimated to be pre-diabetic between the age of 18 and 69 and 75% of Singaporeans over 65 suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes. We aim to support the nation on identifying patients early and empowering them throughout the pathway.