Life Sciences

Our Life Sciences partners use our real-time data collection platform to demonstrate clinical outcomes, optimise patient care, and identify new targets for drug discovery. We support holistic patient management across therapy areas and create a better understanding of the real-world patient journey and response to therapy.

Ultimately, our goal is to bring our Life Sciences partners closer to patients.

What we do:

  • Bring partners closer to patients
  • Demonstrate clinical outcomes
  • Optimise patient care
  • Identify targets for drug discovery

Bringing partners closer to patients

Our intention is to support optimal holistic patient management across therapy areas. We aim to allow a better understanding of the real-world patient journey and response to therapy. Through our comprehensive solution patients will be more empowered and engaged to manage their health.

Our solution allows our partners to develop a longitudinal view of the patient’s treatment journey and associated clinical outcomes and experiences. A number of our partners have used this to enhance their understanding of their patients and develop a more accurate picture of the real world patient journey.

Additionally, through the on-going capture of measures such as Quality of Life, performance status and activity levels, Medopad enables the generation of compelling real-world evidence. The specific measures captured through the solution can be easily tailored to fit your needs.

Demonstrating clinical outcomes

We have partnered with the world's top Life Sciences companies such as J&J, Bayer and Boston Scientific to monitor and improve patient outcomes and experience. Utilising our modular technology, we work with our clients create a solution targeted to the individual needs of each disease area and patient cohort, bringing precision to digital healthcare.

Our solution is used to collect real-world evidence including clinical indicators, patient recorded outcome measures, adherence measures and adverse events. Modules include clinically validated digital diagnostic tests such as the 6 minute walk test.

Optimise patient care

Data collected through our platform provides insight into the patient journey. This increased visibility allows for faster diagnosis and early detection of deterioration giving clinical teams the information they need to make the best, most timely treatment decisions.

Our solution is used both in the real world and clinical trials to remotely monitor and engage with patients. In clinical trials, increased patient engagement reduces drop-out rates, accelerating and reducing the cost of trials.

Identify targets for drug discovery

Traditional methods of drug discovery are inefficient and time consuming. We aim to increase the speed of biomarker development using patient-generated data across therapeutic areas and disease indications, with a focus on chronic orphan diseases. The ultimate goal is to de-risk drug development with surrogate biomarkers that can be measured passively and non-invasively through wearable technology.