Healthcare Providers

We work with the world’s leading healthcare providers and systems to improve medical diagnosis, enhance treatment, expand professional knowledge, and empower the public they serve.

This includes NHS Trusts - Royal Free London, Guy’s and St Thomas’, Bart’s, Chelsea Westminster - and private healthcare providers, such as HCA Healthcare. Together we are revolutionising every facet of healthcare, from remote patient monitoring and rare disease solutions, to enabling medical teams to collaborate faster and better than ever before. And we are only just getting started.

Rare Diseases

Customised solutions for individual needs.

Rare diseases often require complex management. Therapies are expensive. And clinical expertise is available only in specialist centres.

Remote patient monitoring allows for:

  • Real time tracking of side effects, activity levels, and vital signs
  • Medication adherence and dosage tracking
  • More intelligent appointment scheduling and reduced travel time
  • Feedback gathering and questionnaires
  • Tailored patient education and learning tools

Chronic Diseases

Improve how chronic disease patients are cared for, gain detailed insight into patient symptoms and drive better collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams.

Empowering at-risk patients to better manage their health. Successfully managing cardiovascular diseases requires at-risk patients to be closely monitored 24/7. Medopad enables patients to better manage their own condition while keeping their clinical team informed. Deliver world-class care outside of the hospital with a direct link to their doctor and highly personalised solutions.

Configuring a solution for your cohort

Design new care pathways, implement new standards of care, and kick off research studies. Each solution is configured in partnership with the clinical team and tailored to the patient cohort.

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Study

PAH is a rare, debilitating, life-threatening and progressive disease that restricts blood flow to the lungs, leading to shortness of breath, chest pain and many other symptoms.

With the support of Actelion, Medopad worked directly with Apple and leading pulmonologists at the Royal Free NHS Trust to build a pulmonary arterial hypertension solution (PAH) that enables patients to be monitored from their home.

The PAH Challenge

This complex disease is difficult and expensive to treat: drugs cost £20-£100k per year with complicated dosing schedules. Incorrect dosage results in hospitalisations and expensive over-treatments.

Patients require regular monitoring of their breathlessness and walking ability. Yet because the disease is rare, there are only 6 treatment centres in the UK. Many patients face long journeys that worsen their disease and make the monitoring results unreliable.

Medopad Pulmonary Hypertension Solution

Using the Medopad app, the patient can take a digitally standardised 6 minute walk test (6MWT), measure their symptoms, take a Quality of Life questionnaire and track their vital signs

The app links patients to their care team, potentially reducing the number of hospital visits required. Eliminating the travel time and increasing the quality and frequency of data improves patient care

Using Medopad, the care team can better understand the real-world patient journey, as well as provide more timely treatment due to real time clinical insight