Healthcare Providers

We work with the world’s leading healthcare providers and systems to improve medical diagnosis, enhance treatment, expand professional knowledge and empower the public they serve.

This includes NHS Trusts - Royal Free London, Guy’s and St Thomas’, Bart’s, Chelsea Westminster – and private healthcare providers such as HCA Healthcare. Together we are revolutionising every facet of healthcare, from remote patient monitoring and rare disease solutions, to enabling medical teams to collaborate faster and better than ever before. And we are only just getting started…

Our focus areas:


We partner with Pharma to develop more effective drugs, accelerate medication trials and drug discovery and to close the gap between supplier and hospital.

Our solutions enable the gathering of empirical evidence in the real-world and feeds into a platform that is constantly adapting, growing and learning. From specialist companion apps to solutions that go far beyond the pill, our work with companies such as Bayer and Johnson&Johnson means pharma will never be the same again.

Our focus areas:

Healthier populations await

We work closely alongside governments on country-wide deployments, population health initiatives and specialised applications that advance rare disease research.

Our predictive insights detect life-threatening changes to medical conditions, helping governments such as the Singaporean and Turks and Caicos healthcare ministries to improve the health of their populations, create efficient programmes for disease prevention and understand at scale how specific diseases develop and evolve. Find out how we are building better communities with our data…

Our focus areas:

Sports & wellness

Charities, sport science, advanced genomics, community engagement – these are some of our latest applications and advancements. Medopad’s AI, machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities are delivering a new era of personal health, one that is highly personalised, connected and intelligent.

No sector or application is too ambitious. Our platform gets more intelligent with every new data point that is added. From monitoring the world’s best athletes to protecting at-risk children for the NSPCC, the future of Medopad is defined by you. See what awaits…

Platform Partners

From the largest companies in the world to the most innovative start ups, we partner across the industry to bring best in breed solutions to our users.

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Artificial Intelligence

Through the Medopad-Tencent AI lab, our machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities are supporting a new era of healthcare, one that is highly personalised, connected and intelligent.