The Harley Street Clinic Uses Medopad to Help Children with Cancer

  • Committed to providing world-class care, The Harley Street Clinic has deployed Medopad's remote patient monitoring solution for its paediatric cancer patients.

  • Medopad allows patients to be equipped with wearable technology, which provides doctors with a continuous stream of vital clinical data. Parents then use Medopad’s mobile application to update doctors on specific aspects of their child’s treatment progress.

  • These include daily medication tracking, notification of drug side effects and photos of any emerging complications. Resources in the mobile application are available so patients can access relevant information to assist with their treatment.

  • The Harley Street Clinic’s use of Medopad is a joint initiative. Highly specialised consultants in paediatric oncology are working within a multidisciplinary team. Medopad adds another crucial link between doctors and their patients, which further strengthens the comprehensive care provided by The Harley Street Clinic.

  • Leading the process is Dr Stergios Zacharoulis, who said, “Medopad ensures patients are supported at all times and enables clinicians to reduce the negative impact of medication, increase engagement and satisfaction and improve the quality of cancer care given.”

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