Medopad Wins Funding to Tackle Diabetes in Singapore through the Singapore QuickFire Challenge – Metabolic Disease Innovation

  • Medopad is a winner of the Singapore QuickFire Challenge – Metabolic Disease Innovation, presented by Johnson & Johnson Innovation, A*STAR’s Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd (ETPL), Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART).

  • Medopad received the award under the medical device and digital health category, to develop a unique configuration of Medopad’s Patient Monitoring solution to tackle diabetes in Singapore, supported by Johnson & Johnson Innovation, ETPL and SMART.

  • Through the Challenge, Medopad will aim to enable clinicians to better care for diabetic patients, improve the lives of chronic sufferers and explore new treatment methods for the region’s diabetic population.

  • Medopad’s mobile applications, remote monitoring devices and wearable technology will gather information on each user’s condition, symptoms and other relevant data defined by clinicians.

  • The data is then presented to the healthcare professional and patient using a range of real-time dashboards and simultaneously processed by Medopad’s machine learning algorithms for large-scale population analysis.

  • This data will deliver real time, detailed insight into patient symptoms - dizziness, hunger, pain and blood glucose levels – and enable medical teams to easily adjust treatment regimes, coordinate remote consultations and ultimately advance the treatment of diabetes in Singapore.

  • Dan Vahdat, CEO and Co-founder of Medopad said: “The benefits of digital healthcare are proven – improved patient support, empowering people to better manage their own conditions and ensuring medical teams can focus on treating their patients in the most effective way.

  • “With the data collected and advanced analytics, in the future, we may even support governments to be more proactive regarding patient care. Singapore is an incredibly diverse country and in many cases is leading the world in adopting digital and mobile health solutions.”

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