At Medopad, we want to create a world where people can live longer. A world where the best minds continue doing their best work. A world where we can spend more time with our loved ones.

Our technology takes a modular approach which means we cover a wide variety of disease areas to deliver better and more personalised care by transforming the way patients and data interact with clinicians. Our Artificial Intelligence division uses data collected through our platform to generate predictive insights which will be able to detect life threatening medical conditions.

We partner closely with the world's largest healthcare systems, pharma companies, research institutes, insurers and technology companies like Apple and Tencent to solve some of the biggest problems in rare, chronic and complex disease monitoring.


What our users say about us

Ena Crawforth

Oncology Patient

“At first I thought, ‘Will I be able to use this new technology, as I’m not familiar with it’. But it has made me feel a lot more confident, and I feel very calm about it and pleased with it.”

Stefanie Werhahn

Clinical Team Gottingen

“The information from Medopad on my patients enables me to better treat and understand them. In the future, this data may even help to detect signs of disease worsening at a stage where hospitalisation can be prevented and to monitor patients at high risk even more closely. The doctor’s platform is well designed and clearly structured; patient information can be quickly grasped and the regular checks are a nice addition to everyday clinical practice.”

Séan Matheiken

Consultant Vascular Surgeon

“Medopad has enabled the successful implementation of a secure mobile tool for remote clinical image capture and retrieval across the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. I value the partnership forged with Medopad and intend to cement this over ongoing and future projects.”