Approved as a medical device

Introducing the Medopad

Apple Watch Chemotherapy App

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Delivered to doctors

Effectively treating chronic diseases means maintaining a sense of control for the patient, but also for the staff responsible for their care.

Medical professionals the world over now have the opportunity to reduce the strain cancer treatment has on hospital expenditure, cut acute admissions, share precise symptom data and insight quickly, and ultimately improve the lives of patients. They can:

A smarter way for cancer treatment for all

From the palm of a doctor’s hand, to the arm of a patient, to the heart of the hospital, to helping support those that cancer affects so deeply and emotionally, Medopad’s Apple Watch Chemotherapy App is a critical tool for improving cancer treatment, supporting vulnerable individuals and easing the struggle of countless patients.

Fighting cancer through technology

Effective cancer treatment relies on strict drug regimens, however we understand that the complexity and potency of these drugs can cause a range of side effects.

One out of every two      

The number of people expected

to experience cancer in

their lifetime

13 million per year

The predicted number of

cancer-related deaths globally

IARC 2014 report

10% Annually

How much of the NHS’s

budget is spent

on cancer treatment

£500 Upwards

How much a single pill

can cost per day

Reduce the negative impact of drugs on a patient’s wellbeing

Prevent compliance issues caused by missed medication

Deliver real-time patient data securely to global medical teams

Lower operating costs while improving overall care levels

Provide pharmaceutical organisations with real-world insight into the effectiveness of their drugs

Bridge the gap between insurance providers and policy holders

Time doesn’t stand still

neither should cancer treatment

Designed for patients of any technical level, Medopad’s application is easy to live with, ultra responsive and can be used whatever your current condition.

It is not just an innovation, but a practical, proven solution already helping patients across the world to:

Feel more motivated and supported around the clock

Receive proactive care from the medical staff they rely on most

Never forget to take a critical prescription again

Record side effects as they happen with a few touches

Share their health data immediately with their doctor

For more information on whether Medopad’s Apple Watch Chemotherapy App is available in your local hospital or if you are interested in deploying the solution, please submit your request here.